Boek hier je workshop Entomologie!


SIR-ARTHUR delivers real craftmanship with products inspired by the 19th century. Preserved insects, birds, butterflies and all kinds of animals are handmade en can be delivered on special demand and with your own wishes. These unique products are a beautiful asset for your home, like your livingroom. But also companies and shops use preserved animals or insects to make a difference, or as a marketing tool. Some of these products are put in (antique) domes, others in special frames. It can all be done on your special demand.
SIR-ARTHUR is part of a worldwilde network of certified farms, zoos and petting zoos nearby. All the animals and insects SIR-ARTHUR preserves, have had a natural death. Game is not used in our shop. We guarantee that all our products are animal friendly. Some of our products have a international CITES certificate. Read more about CITES.
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For more inspiration, visit our special pages: for private customers and for professionals.
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